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Turkey’s Down! (Video)

Levi's 1st - 22lbs - 7" beard - 7/8" spurs

Levi’s 1st – 22lbs – 7″ beard – 7/8″ spurs

Levi's 2nd - 25lbs - 11" beard - 1 1/8" Spurs

Levi’s 2nd – 25lbs – 11″ beard – 1 1/8″ Spurs

My Pretty Bird - 22lbs - 10" Beard - 1" Spurs

My Pretty Bird – 22lbs – 10″ Beard – 1″ Spurs

Welcome to the 2014 spring turkey season! I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have so far! It has been an exciting season starting back in the youth season when my son harvested his first bird. This was a well-deserved bird as we had to work the bird for an hour and a half and had to make a sneak to seal the deal. It actually took myself and my 6yr old 45 minutes to move the last 6ft to get into shooting position! This of course made the success all the sweeter as we learned that patience does pay off (sometimes ;-).

The second hunt with my 6yr old was textbook. We set up approx. 150yrds from a roosted Tom and went to work. The hunt was short as the big ol bird gobbled, strutted and drummed all the way in to the decoys. Levi made a perfect shot at 25yrds and we were ecstatic!

I have another great vid of Ryan taking a great bird and will be posting that soon as well so stay tuned!

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