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Thankful. There are so many things that I could list under this word but I’m going to keep it simple for today. First off, I’m thankful for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be writing this right know were it not for Him. I’m thankful for a family to love and to have […]

The Haul

Hello fellow hunters! I apologize for my long period of silence, and quite frankly, I can’t promise that it won’t happen again. I am a father, husband, provider, and hunter just like you and sometimes hunter gets pushed down the priority pole. That being said, I will try to do better and must say that […]

Early Season Honkers Down

***Click “READ MORE” for VIDEO!*** Starting off with a bang! Saturday, October 6th was the opening day of the early goose season here in North Missouri. The temp dropped down to low thirties and was perfect weather for an early season goose hunt. We knew we were going to be hunting in a corn field […]

Great Start to the New Year!

Had a great hunt this morning with my best little hunting buddy and two great friends. We were hunting a big pond that both geese and ducks frequent so we set out our spred with ducks on one side of us and geese on the other. I’ve been very successful with this layout as both […]

Fast Little Ducks

Wrapped up the duck season in North MO (north zone) this morning with my twin cousins Bryan & Ryan. We made our last stand today on a farm pond that has been the resting place for a few ducks and some geese. The action came early and fast this morning and I do mean fast. […]

Gun Dog at Last

I grew up with laborador retrievers, so when we got a place with a big back yard my first thought was to get a lab. The only problem with that is that we also had two very small children. If you know anything about labs, they aren’t the most calm dogs in the world, especially […]

Polar Bear Club Honorary Member

If you had asked me this past weekend if I would like to take an early morning swim complete with rubber boots, wool pants, multiple layers of coats/sweatshirts, all in 29 degree weather, I probably would have told to call me on Monday to set up an appointment for a psych eval. Then ask me […]

My Ears Are Still Ringing

Getting your limit of geese is a great day as is getting your limit of greenheads. Put the two limits together and you’ve just had an amazing day, especially when you’re completely done by 9:30 in the morning! It’s hard to beat the sight of big ol honkers and fat greenheads locked up sailing into […]

Another Reason to be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I have so many things to be thankful for in my life. I’m thankful for God’s provision in my life and for His continual grace and mercy that is renewed every morning! I am also very thankful for the family He has blessed me wih and the health that we enjoy and many […]

Strong Finish

Chris and I layed into them fast and hard – when the smoke cleared we had 5 geese down in front of us! As any waterfowler will tell you, that’s not half bad.