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Big Tom Down on Video (well mostly on video ;-)

A good friend of mine, Brandon got his first Tom Saturday, April 21, 2012. It was a fun filled hunt filled with many twists and turns. We had a “pack” of jakes that kept running our Tom around and almost ruined our hunt, but in the end he was able to get it too close […]

First 2012 Tom Down

Had an excellent hunt this morning down in SW Missouri! The birds were making up for the dead Monday in my area by gobbling their heads off! The first bird I went after flew off the roost landing about 150 yards out in the middle of a pasture. He was very content to gobble all […]

Youth Hunters

Over the last few years I have had the priviledge to take part in a local NWTF Chapter youth hunt. The chapter does a great job of working to get youth out into the woods and intense focus is put on selecting great land to up the percentage of success among the hunters. I have […]

1st Turkey for Pastor Brandin

I have footage of this hunt that I’ll be putting together before too long, I haven’t had time to this point. Stay tuned and I’ll try and get this put together. Any successful hunt is great, but when the hunt involves getting someone their first bird it is all the more sweet. Brad and I […]

Great Turkey Vid/Hunt 2011

What an awesome hunt! This footage pretty well says it all. Brad had an unusual amount of patience, I thought I was going to have to throw my camera at it!! Believe it or not, I have well over 10minutes of footage of this bird right there at 15 yrds! Nice shot Brad – very […]

Opening Day of Spring Turkey Season – VIDEO

This video pretty much speaks for itself. Bryan, Ryan, and Tim did a great job in getting this hunt to come together. It’s never an easy task to get good footage while turkey hunting and I think they did a great job. Congrats guys!

Season Opens With a Bang!

April 18th marked the opening day of spring turkey season here in Missouri. For me this is long anticipated so I was a bit perturbed when I woke up at 6am and realized that although I had set my alarm for 5am, I had failed to turn it on!! So now the rush is on. […]

Antler Plaque with a Twist

Hello fellow outdoorsmen! I hate that I haven’t been able to get you more content lately, as for me that means that I’m not spending enough time out in the great outdoors! I thought I’d go ahead and show you my antler plaque I made for this last fall’s bowkill buck. This might interest a […]

This is what it’s all about!

My advice – take a day off your chase of Mr. Big and get out there with that little guy or gal and really do something worth while! Besides, you can get Mr. Big tomorrow!

Turkey Number 5

you just can’t hardly beat spring turkey hunting!