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2015 – The Year of the Deer

My family and I have had one of our best year’s to date in the deer hunting woods. This video captures the stories along with some pics of the deer. Enjoy!

VIDEO – Levi Harvests his 2nd Deer – Awesome Memories!

There are few things I’d rather do than witness one of my kids enjoy God’s creation and continue the family tradition of hunting the elusive whitetail.  Levi loves to hunt about as much as I do and the raw excitement witnessed is so great!  It’s also nice to be able to get more back to […]

The Haul

Hello fellow hunters! I apologize for my long period of silence, and quite frankly, I can’t promise that it won’t happen again. I am a father, husband, provider, and hunter just like you and sometimes hunter gets pushed down the priority pole. That being said, I will try to do better and must say that […]

Early Season Honkers Down

***Click “READ MORE” for VIDEO!*** Starting off with a bang! Saturday, October 6th was the opening day of the early goose season here in North Missouri. The temp dropped down to low thirties and was perfect weather for an early season goose hunt. We knew we were going to be hunting in a corn field […]

Game Cam Pics

Nosy One Who says you can’t find a mature buck with decent antlers in south MO?? Well if you’d asked me up til now, I probably would’ve told you that! I know big deer are killed down here every year, it’s just I’m from north MO and there’s no comaparison in the quantity of those […]

Coyote Hunting

After having many requests for info on calling coyotes I thought I’d oblige and try and share some info. I’ll be the first to admit that my expertise is in all things deer, turkey and waterfowl and that predator hunting is still something that I’m learning. That being said, I’ve called in bobcat, coyotes and […]

Game Cam Buck Pictures

Here are a couple of pics of some young bucks that hopefully make it through this year. Looks like both of these deer have some great potential and should make for some fun encounters this bow season! Getting pics in our area in north Missouri has gotten a bit more tough this year as we […]

Waterfowl Trailer Graphics – Logo Design – Your Buck as a Decal

Tis the season for all things outdoors! I can’t believe that September is just around the corner ushering in a new archery season and shortly thereafter a waterfowl season! My 5yr old son came walking into the living room a couple of mornings ago having just woke up and announced that he had dreamed I’d […]

Turkey #2 for 2012

April 24th was going to be a good day. I had hunted this particular property twice and both times I’d heard a big Tom cutting loose from this one patch of timber at the southeast corner of the property. My good friend Brad had just shot his bird the day before and decided to come […]

Great Hunt with Dad

Saturday April the 27th was a great day to be in the turkey woods. It started being pretty dead at the 1st property even though the weather was perfect. For whatever reason the birds there wouldn’t talk and I didn’t have much time this morning so we moved on. As we passed by a property […]