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2015 – The Year of the Deer

My family and I have had one of our best year’s to date in the deer hunting woods. This video captures the stories along with some pics of the deer. Enjoy!

10pt Buck Down (VIDEO)

I had a great hunt Oct 19th and as an added bonus, I was able to catch it all on tape. I probably talk too much on the video so I’ll spare you the details here. Enjoy!

VIDEO – Levi Harvests his 2nd Deer – Awesome Memories!

There are few things I’d rather do than witness one of my kids enjoy God’s creation and continue the family tradition of hunting the elusive whitetail.  Levi loves to hunt about as much as I do and the raw excitement witnessed is so great!  It’s also nice to be able to get more back to […]

Coyote Down

The following video pretty much tells the story. After sitting in a bow stand for a couple months, it’s nice to pull the trigger on the ol’ rifle!

Kat Killers

Ryan scored another cat this year when this cat slipped in on him while deer hunting. Ryan put this cat down with his .270. Even though you might think that Travis strangled his cat with his necktie that is now missing from his button up the front shirt, this is not the case. Travis put […]

Big Buck Down

A cousin of mine just sent me this pic of the deer he shot this morning up in north MO. What a beautiful deer. It’s not too often that you get to see a deer with this many typical points much less harvest one. The great news for him is that believe it or not, […]

Beautiful Buck Down – Oct 27, 2011

A friend of mine down in Southwest MO sent me these pics along with the great story. Congrats Joe – thanks for sharing!! It started off as a bad day when I realized that I had forgot my boots at the house….. It was gonna be a cold, wet walk to my stand. I was […]

Nice Wide Iowa Buck

A good friend of mine down in southwest MO just sent me this pic of an amazing buck. Like me, Brad has been transplanted from the land of big deer (Iowa for him, north MO for me) to the land of not so much – southwest MO. This deer was killed near his old stomping […]

He Survived!

I’m not sure if you’ll remember the story from last year’s muzzleloader season, or you may be new to the site, but I’ve got some history on this buck! I had a cousin up in North MO that had a pic of this buck that you see above, but he never got a crack at […]


You just don’t see too many 14 pt typical bucks like this!  This is a trail camera pic from a cousin of mine. Now for the heartbreaking news.  He was hunting with his muzzleloader a few days ago up in north MO when this brute walked out in front of him.  He made what he […]