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10pt Buck Down (VIDEO)

I had a great hunt Oct 19th and as an added bonus, I was able to catch it all on tape. I probably talk too much on the video so I’ll spare you the details here. Enjoy!

2015 Early Season Hunt (VIDEO)

This video pretty much speaks for itself, awesome hunt with my son in God’s beautiful creation. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 2014 Season! (Video)

This year has already been exciting in the bow stand! I had a very close encounter with “Stickers” a couple of nights ago on Oct 11th as you can watch in the video attached.  He has all the characteristics of a 2 1/2 to 3yr old and with those genetics he needs to see another year!  […]

Doe Down

***CLICK READ MORE FOR VIDEO*** Watch HunterByDesign Prostaffer Ryan Remole put the smack down on a doe. Ryan made a beautiful shot on this deer and the video bears the proof as the doe ran a very short distance before piling up. Enjoy! Best of luck to you all!

Game Cam Pics

Nosy One Who says you can’t find a mature buck with decent antlers in south MO?? Well if you’d asked me up til now, I probably would’ve told you that! I know big deer are killed down here every year, it’s just I’m from north MO and there’s no comaparison in the quantity of those […]

Doe Down Video – October 21st, 2011

I had to share these pics with you right off the bat. I was hiking with my family at the Nature Center (Springfield, MO) when we had all sorts of neat encounters with the deer there. My kids absolutely loved it and my release finger just kept twitching;-) My hunt this last Friday (Oct 21st) […]

Rut Madness!

This has to be one of the most exciting hunts I’ve been on in a long time!  The vid pretty much says it all!

Youtube Friend

I haven’t done this before and don’t plan to do a lot of this in the future, but I wanted to share a youtube video that I really enjoyed. These guys do a great job videoing and editing, but it’s the storyline that I believe many of us bow hunters can really relate to. I […]

Rifle Season In, but Not With a Bang.

You fellow Missourians know what November 14th is, but for the rest of you that is the beginning of rifle season. Unfortunately, it is also the peak of rut here in north Missouri, meaning we have hunters coming in from all over the place! I really don’t mind the hunters for I’m one of them, […]

8pt Buck Harvest on Video!

Great hunt! The video pretty much says it all – especially after I got done rambing! The rut is coming right on. I hunted with a cousin this morning and watched a small buck chasing a doe. You can’t beat deer hunting this time of year! Very thankful and happy to have harvested such a […]