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Nov 9th & 10th Bucks

I’ve been having fun up here in North MO, but have yet to connect with a mature buck. I’ve had lots of deer around me and have gotten some neat video of deer behavior, but the big ones are eluding me. Today I was close to a mature buck that slipped by at 40yrds. He […]

The Rut is On!

This is a grainy pic off of some video I took right at dark this evening (Nov. 4th). It was a great hunt that has left me pumped to get back out into the woods! I’ll put these snippets of vid together at the end of the week for you all to enjoy, but here […]

Beautiful Buck Down – Oct 27, 2011

A friend of mine down in Southwest MO sent me these pics along with the great story. Congrats Joe – thanks for sharing!! It started off as a bad day when I realized that I had forgot my boots at the house….. It was gonna be a cold, wet walk to my stand. I was […]

Doe Down Video – October 21st, 2011

I had to share these pics with you right off the bat. I was hiking with my family at the Nature Center (Springfield, MO) when we had all sorts of neat encounters with the deer there. My kids absolutely loved it and my release finger just kept twitching;-) My hunt this last Friday (Oct 21st) […]

Nice Wide Iowa Buck

A good friend of mine down in southwest MO just sent me this pic of an amazing buck. Like me, Brad has been transplanted from the land of big deer (Iowa for him, north MO for me) to the land of not so much – southwest MO. This deer was killed near his old stomping […]

Getting Back in the Groove

It’s hard to believe that Sept. 15th is only a short week away. It’s sad to say, but I’ve only had time to shoot a few times. My groups are decent, but more practice is needed to build my confidence back up. My first time out a week or so ago reminded me of something […]

He Survived!

I’m not sure if you’ll remember the story from last year’s muzzleloader season, or you may be new to the site, but I’ve got some history on this buck! I had a cousin up in North MO that had a pic of this buck that you see above, but he never got a crack at […]

Antler Plaque with a Twist

Hello fellow outdoorsmen! I hate that I haven’t been able to get you more content lately, as for me that means that I’m not spending enough time out in the great outdoors! I thought I’d go ahead and show you my antler plaque I made for this last fall’s bowkill buck. This might interest a […]

Tricky Time to Hunt

Not only are the deer spooky, they are also unpredictable during this time of year due to another pattern change as the rut starts to slow.

First Bow Buck 2010

In the end, I’m very thankful to have this deer – the meat will go to good use, and my kids are very proud of their daddy – all of which are worthy reasons to enjoy this great sport!