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Nov 9th & 10th Bucks

Mature 8pt

Young 8 - Coming Under Stand

I’ve been having fun up here in North MO, but have yet to connect with a mature buck. I’ve had lots of deer around me and have gotten some neat video of deer behavior, but the big ones are eluding me. Today I was close to a mature buck that slipped by at 40yrds. He was behind a bit of brush, but I did manage to catch a little video of him. He’s no monster, but I believe he’s mature enough to be a shooter, especially with the bow. The second pic is of a young 8pt that came and hung out under my stand yesterday. These pics aren’t the greatest as they’re taken by my phone off of my video. I’ll put a little video together here in a week or so of snippets of the deer & wildlife I’ve saw this week. I’m going back after them tomorrow and then it’s rifle season on Saturday. Ought to be a fun weekend!

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