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Mixed Bag!

Hero Pose 🙂

7 mallards - 2 gadwall - 1 pintail

Pintail Drake

One of the great pleasures of duck hunting is the fact that you never know what may try to sit in your decoys.  Our day started this morning with this pintail drake sitting right in the middle of our decoys – what a way to start the day! 

Pintails are rare in the places I hunt and to be perfectly honest, this is the first pintail that I’ve ever shot – and only been on one other hunt when someone else shot one.  What a beautiful bird – love the long graceful neck!

The pics pretty much tell the story.  We had a great day today, especially considering that the day started as clear as a bell.  Still not all that many ducks down here in southwest MO (at least where we were at), but I’m expecting some good things from this nasty weather coming this next week. 

Unfortunately we had to set up facing the southeast today, so I wasn’t able to catch any of the action on camera.  Hopefully I’ll be getting some footage here before too long. 

Best of luck to you all – happy hunting!

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