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Kat Killers

Bobcat Down

1st Bobcat for Travis - Congrats!

Ryan scored another cat this year when this cat slipped in on him while deer hunting. Ryan put this cat down with his .270.

Even though you might think that Travis strangled his cat with his necktie that is now missing from his button up the front shirt, this is not the case. Travis put this cat down with a nice shot from a .30-.30.

If you’re not seeing/shooting big bucks, I guess you might as well be taking out a few predators. Congrats guys, nice shooting. I think I just heard our turkey population exhale a collective sigh of relief!

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  • Travis Fitzwater says:

    I’m bringing classy to hunting. And, you wouldn’t believe how effective a tie is for downing varmints. Considering how horrible I am as a hunter, using a tie may be just as deadly as me with a gun.

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