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Game Cam Pics

Nosy One

Little Guy

Who says you can’t find a mature buck with decent antlers in south MO?? Well if you’d asked me up til now, I probably would’ve told you that! I know big deer are killed down here every year, it’s just I’m from north MO and there’s no comaparison in the quantity of those big deer from up there to here. Above is a pic of one such deer that’s not a monster, but is definately an mature buck with some pretty impressive headgear.

I also had to include a few others that were just sort of fun. I tell you, I get just about as much enjoyment out of checking the game cams as I do hunting. It’s like christmas every time I put that memory stick in the computer!!

We’ve got a hunt to share with you this week that we never got published from last year so stay tuned for that and hopefully a lot more!

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