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Doe Down Video – October 21st, 2011

Hiking With the Kiddos

She Thinks She's Hidden

I had to share these pics with you right off the bat. I was hiking with my family at the Nature Center (Springfield, MO) when we had all sorts of neat encounters with the deer there. My kids absolutely loved it and my release finger just kept twitching;-)

My hunt this last Friday (Oct 21st) was a great one! I was hunting down in southwest Mo, on a property that is fairly new to me. My strategy this year was to hunt the edges to where I could see a lot of ground and sort of be scouting while I’m hunting. I’ve learned the hard way that going into a new property and hunting a small area in the middle of the timber that looks really good can lead to many deerless hunts and nothing learned of deer movement in the process. It’s better to hunt a more open area that may not be as conducive to bow range, but at least you can get on the deer soon as you begin to see some patterns emerge.

This video pretty much says it all for the hunt – Enjoy!!

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