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Logo Design

Most of you know me as an avid outdoorsman that loves being outside in God’s great creation.  Well that’s what I am through and through, so when I tell you that I also do graphic/logo design don’t freak out on me here.  I’m not your typical designer.  I mean, my hair isn’t spiked, I don’t […]

A Thankful Patriot

I wanted to write a bit before the 4th,  but as many of you know that check my website, I don’t post as much as I’d like due to time constraints at the moment.  I wanted to start by thanking God for this great country in which we live.  I recently was reading over some […]

Tough Week

Been a tough week in the turkey woods so far.  I posted the success I had with my dad on Tuesday, but since then it’s been really tough.  80% of the birds aren’t talking and the ones that do are gobbling on the roost and then once after they hit the ground and that’s been […]

Turkey Scouting Report 4/15/09

Went out yesterday evening (Tuesday) and saw several birds.  Right now they’re sort of scattered as they are breeding and nesting.  Some are in groups as well, but don’t be discouraged if you go scout your place a just see a few birds here and there.  They can be fairly unpredictable right now which means […]


Hello everyone!  This site is dedicated to all things hunting, fishing, design, and maybe even a little philosophy.  I live in southwestern Missouri and simply love the outdoors.  My personal favorites are spring turkey hunting, deer hunting, and fly-fishing, although I love to discuss all things hunting & fishing.  Hopefully this can be a place to […]