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Archive for the "Predator Huntin" Category

VIDEO – Passing the Tradition

Nov 8th – Bow Buck & Coyote Down!

November 8th was one of those days that you just don’t forget for a long time if ever. I was in North Mo bowhunting the rut just before rifle season opened and I wasn’t disappointed when 3 nice bucks come running through corralling 3 does. All three bucks were grunting and I was breathing hard. […]

Resident Goose Hunt – Mixed Bag!

Talk about a mixed bag, this is something that you don’t see every day! In MO we have a one week long early season that’s designed to cut down on the resident Canadian Goose population. We tried to do our part this last Tuesday! The weather was beautiful and we decided to set up on […]

Coyote Hunting

After having many requests for info on calling coyotes I thought I’d oblige and try and share some info. I’ll be the first to admit that my expertise is in all things deer, turkey and waterfowl and that predator hunting is still something that I’m learning. That being said, I’ve called in bobcat, coyotes and […]

Coyote Down in Southwest MO

The HunterByDesign team Was able to finally get out and predator hunt a piece of land that I’ve been wanting to get out on for some time now. This property is set up great for coyotes complete with many draws, large open areas, and a lot of cattle nearby. We arrived at the land about […]

Coyote Down

The following video pretty much tells the story. After sitting in a bow stand for a couple months, it’s nice to pull the trigger on the ol’ rifle!

Kat Killers

Ryan scored another cat this year when this cat slipped in on him while deer hunting. Ryan put this cat down with his .270. Even though you might think that Travis strangled his cat with his necktie that is now missing from his button up the front shirt, this is not the case. Travis put […]

No House Cat!

For some of you this is old news, but hopefully the rest of you will enjoy seeing this mountain lion.  I’m not 100%  on all the details, but I do know that this cat was shot up in north MO, just west of LaPlata.  He was shot by an Amish fellow, but I’m not sure […]

Last Year’s Cat

I’m really not trying to one up my little cousin here, but I decided to go ahead and share the pics of my bobcat from last year. I actually called him in with a primos “tweeter” call – which is a distress call. This cat came in to about 60 yards where I shot him. […]

Bobcat Down – Turkeys Up

My cousin Ryan did our turkey population a big favor this deer season and was kind enough to let me show you how. Here is a very nice sized bobcat that made a wrong decision by stepping out of the woods just 120yrds downrange from Ryan. As you can see, Ryan made a very good […]