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Beautiful Buck Down – Oct 27, 2011

Mature Buck

Mature Buck

A friend of mine down in Southwest MO sent me these pics along with the great story. Congrats Joe – thanks for sharing!!

It started off as a bad day when I realized that I had forgot my boots at the house….. It was gonna be a cold, wet walk to my stand. I was able to make it until 9 am and I had to get out of the stand. I was back at the truck at 9:50am. I started down the road and I went about 1/2 mi and noticed this buck standing on a farm that I could hunt. I went about a 1/2 mile past and parked the truck. The stalk was now on. I got with in 100yrds and seen him on the same ridge with his nose still to the ground. I continued my stalk and got with in 50 yrds and I could hear him grunting like crazy. He continued to go back and forth and I knew he was searching for a doe that he had been chasing. As he started to leave I moved my arm and let him see it move and gave a soft grunt… the rest is history. He came hard grunting all the way. He thought I (the movement) he saw was his doe!!! He came to 18 yards and that was when I let the arrow fly. He went about 100 yrds and there was no worrys about following the blood trail!!! God is good!

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