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Levi’s 2016 Gun Buck

Good day all, it’s been awhile since I posted on the website here. I’ve finally found the time and the desire to get a few things out there. Here is Levi’s 2016 rifle season buck. I’ll be posting some footage from an exciting late season bow hunt in the next few days as well.

I hung a climber next to one of our regular hang-on stand locations for an evening hunt towards the end of the MO gun season. We had to wait until about 30 minutes before dark before we caught some movement in the brush. They took their sweet time but we soon made out a couple does with a buck in tow. The buck was sort of bumping the does and feeding at the same time. It was far from a rut crazed chase, but he was staying close just the same.

The does fed through, coming as close as 25yrds. The buck seemed to gain more interest in the acorns he was finding and remained in a quartering to position at approx 80yrds. It seemed like forever, but he finally picked his head up and began a brisk walk broadside. I was just leaning over to tell the little man to tell me when to stop the deer when his 6.8 rifle roared!

He about scared me out of the tree, but I watched as the deer did the big bronco kick and headed back for the thicker brush. I knew he had connected, I just wasn’t sure where, especially since the deer was at a pretty brisk walk when he pulled the trigger. I decided that we would back out and give the deer an hour or so and that’s what we did. We came back with my dad, brother-in-law and an ATV. It wasn’t long before Levi was all smiles sitting behind his buck getting pics taken. He had hit the buck a little back but the deer didn’t run over 80yrds. We had the learning discussion of making sure we stop them before we shoot, something we have always done in the past. It turned out that Levi was afraid he wasn’t going to get a clear shot as we were in the timber so when he saw an opening he got a little excited :-).

Thankfully it all worked out good in the end and we were both grateful to once again take advantage of the freedoms we are blessed with here in the USA!

Levi Connects with His First Bow Buck!

Absolutely one of my favorite hunts of all time! It was excitement from the start to the finish and what a great finish it was!

2015 – The Year of the Deer

My family and I have had one of our best year’s to date in the deer hunting woods. This video captures the stories along with some pics of the deer. Enjoy!

10pt Buck Down (VIDEO)

I had a great hunt Oct 19th and as an added bonus, I was able to catch it all on tape. I probably talk too much on the video so I’ll spare you the details here. Enjoy!

2015 Early Season Hunt (VIDEO)

This video pretty much speaks for itself, awesome hunt with my son in God’s beautiful creation. Enjoy!

Youth Turkey Season 2015 (VIDEO)

I say it at least once every year, “You just can’t beat spring turkey season!”! This is especially true when it involves getting a youth a bird, and most exciting when that youth happens to be one of your own. We’ve had some good luck over the last two years. It’s extra special to share some of these hunts with dad, the one responsible for getting the addiction started in our family! Hope you enjoyed the video – God Bless!




Thankful. There are so many things that I could list under this word but I’m going to keep it simple for today.

First off, I’m thankful for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t be writing this right know were it not for Him. I’m thankful for a family to love and to have that love returned.

Thankful for God’s creation and for the health to enjoy it. I’m thankful for this morning, thankful for God’s gift to a 7 yr old, allowing a mallard to set right down in the decoys. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

VIDEO – Levi Harvests his 2nd Deer – Awesome Memories!



There are few things I’d rather do than witness one of my kids enjoy God’s creation and continue the family tradition of hunting the elusive whitetail.  Levi loves to hunt about as much as I do and the raw excitement witnessed is so great!  It’s also nice to be able to get more back to our roots with the kids and simply be excited about the first legal deer to harvest and not worry about management strategy, growth potential, etc etc.  Very thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a fun sport with family!

Welcome to the 2014 Season! (Video)

Young Deer with Awesome Characteristics!

Young Deer with Awesome Characteristics!

Mature 9

3-4 8pt

This year has already been exciting in the bow stand! I had a very close encounter with “Stickers” a couple of nights ago on Oct 11th as you can watch in the video attached.  He has all the characteristics of a 2 1/2 to 3yr old and with those genetics he needs to see another year!  I saw a total of 8 deer that evening which I would accredit to the cooler temps, acorns falling, and hunting the stand sporadically to keep it fresh.

I’m also attaching a couple other trail cam photos of one very mature shooter that doesn’t have the biggest rack with the most points, but looks like a horse. This is what a big old mature north MO whitetail looks like and you can guarantee that I’m gunning for him. I’m guessing as long as he’s been around, the rut will be my best opportunity for that guy! The last pic I show here is a very respectable buck that I’m guessing to be at least 3yrs old maybe 4. I can guarantee that he won’t get an arrow slung at him if he comes into range as this area gets a lot of hunting pressure during rifle season.

I hope you enjoy the video – best of luck this year and as always, keep looking up to the author and giver of all life –  Jesus Christ!


Turkey’s Down! (Video)

Levi's 1st - 22lbs - 7" beard - 7/8" spurs

Levi’s 1st – 22lbs – 7″ beard – 7/8″ spurs

Levi's 2nd - 25lbs - 11" beard - 1 1/8" Spurs

Levi’s 2nd – 25lbs – 11″ beard – 1 1/8″ Spurs

My Pretty Bird - 22lbs - 10" Beard - 1" Spurs

My Pretty Bird – 22lbs – 10″ Beard – 1″ Spurs

Welcome to the 2014 spring turkey season! I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have so far! It has been an exciting season starting back in the youth season when my son harvested his first bird. This was a well-deserved bird as we had to work the bird for an hour and a half and had to make a sneak to seal the deal. It actually took myself and my 6yr old 45 minutes to move the last 6ft to get into shooting position! This of course made the success all the sweeter as we learned that patience does pay off (sometimes ;-).

The second hunt with my 6yr old was textbook. We set up approx. 150yrds from a roosted Tom and went to work. The hunt was short as the big ol bird gobbled, strutted and drummed all the way in to the decoys. Levi made a perfect shot at 25yrds and we were ecstatic!

I have another great vid of Ryan taking a great bird and will be posting that soon as well so stay tuned!